YLOVOW Heater Mini Oil Filled Radiator 2000w 11fin Small Plug in Portable Electric Heater


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  •  [Characteristics]:2000W, three-dimensional heating and rapid heating 1800W high-power heating; 2.15m air contact area; 2000w high-power heating; 55 full oil circuit; heat transfer to the heat sink through the heat transfer oil; 2 cooling heat transfer oil continues to heat
  •  [Features]:2000 watts of power heating; 11 pieces of heated U-tube; life-free oil-free; upgraded noise reduction technology; design humidification function; drying rack drying
  •  [Material]:U-tube heating plate, universal moving roller
  •  [Application]: bedroom, bathroom, garage, office buildings and the like.Applicable area: 10-20m2
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