The Smartshow Smart Temperature Control Ceramic Mug,Warmer for Home/Office/Coffee/Tea/Milk/Juice

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  • Long battery life: S3 can keep coffee or tea in the temperature range of 95°F-149°F (35°C-65°C); when fully charged, it can last 2-8 hours, more than 2 times of similar products; placed on the charging coaster, it can be used throughout the day.
  • Convenient: Temperature can be adjusted through the handle button; While the App offers more functions, such as remote temperature changes and LED color selection. Available on Android and iO
  • Intuitive: Built-in hidden LED display of current temperature and status. S3 is elegant and simple to use. No need to turn your mug on and off. It enters sleep mode when empty, and wakes up when it senses movement or liquid.
  • Safe: Made of durable stainless steel with a ceramic coating; 10-ounce capacity. With the DC19V voltage, it is safer than other AC products.
  • Efficient: The mug bottom is made of large soft PI heater film with a heating area of up to 70%, and the heating efficiency is 30% higher than similar products.

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