TACKLIFE Telescoping Ladder, 17 Feet Aluminum Extension Ladder with 2 Flexible Wheels, Safe Protective Switch, Non-Slip Rubber Feet, 300lb Capacity Multi-Use Ladder

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Indoor Use: Hanging some art, painting your house, cleaning the ceiling, replacing the light bulb, etc.

Outdoor Use: Cleaning gutters and windows, taking off Christmas lights, cutting tree limbs, fixing the roof, etc.

Flexible Wheels

With two flexible big wheels (39.4 inch) you can move it easily when at work. Small in size after folding, easy to transport in the trunk of the car and easy to store in a small space, completely out of the way.

How To Move It? Grab the two big orange knobs on both sides. Lower the ladder to the height where you feel comfortable with, and then move the ladder easily with its flexible wheels!

Dual-Pin Hinge

Dual-pin hinge and aircraft grade aluminum construction ensure maximum extension stability and quick adjustment. When you receive the ladder, it's fully assembled. Simply push two big orange knobs on both sides to release the ladder, and then adjust the length to the height you want. The Hinge will engage automatically when the ladder is in the correct position.

Non-Slip Rubber Feet

The foot pad is shaped like horseshoe and has larger surface than that of other ladders, providing you with strong support. Besides, the non-slip rubber material and its deep stripe texture increase the friction, and therefore prevent slipping while you are working on the ladder.

"J" Quick Lock

With "J " QUICK LOCK you can easily adjust the length of ladder: Press the big orange knobs on both sides to release the ladder, simply pull the "J " lock on both sides out, adjust its length, and then tap to re-lock.

From A-Frame Ladder to 90 Degree Ladder: Pull the "J " QUICK LOCK out and bring one side down to 90 degree, re-lock the "J " QUICK LOCK. Easy!


If you wanna work on ground that's not level, whether that's sloping ground or staircase, you can literally take this ladder right up the stairs with you as you go. Ideal!


When you wanna get close to a window or a wall, normal ladders higher go up, the further from the wall or window you get. But with this ladder, you can get right next to the tight corner. All you need to do is to bring one side down, making it into a 90 degree ladder. Easy!

Caring for Your TACKLIFE Ladder:

Please store your ladder in a dry place to avoid extreme weather when it's not in use. This will enhance the lifetime of your ladder.

Please keep the hinge mechanism clear of dirt, salt spray, or other contaminants that could obstruct proper operation.

Satisfactory Service:

TACKLIFE specializes in providing high quality products and excellent services to our customers.

TACKLIFE appreciates your reviews and comments towards our products, which can be good references to other customers.

If there's any question, please feel free to message through Amazon, we will give a reply within 24 hours.

More Details? Please click the videos below to see How to Adjust The Ladder.