StripMeister Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

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StripMeister Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

Durable and weatherproof wire stripper in all environments

Simple operation and quick adjustments for many copper wire sizes

Solid aircraft grade aluminum construction

Stainless steel hardware

Includes blade depth reference indicator

Comes with 2 blades


Quality Manufacturing

The StripMeister Original wire stripping tool is constructed from solid aircraft grade aluminum and will never bend or distort. All precision machined with 5axis CNC milling technology. Also has built in “ROMEX” adapter: Enables multi-layer wires to be cut in one shot


Huge Capacity Range

Strips all wire sizes from #18 wire to 250 MCM, Diameters from 0.100″ (3mm) up to 0.79″ (20.1mm) including ROMEX and braided (stranded) wire. Strips up to 65 feet per minute.


Essential Components

Blade and feeder are precision machined from heat treated tool steel. Includes spiral groove feeder technology for extremely accurate wire pulling.