Aquascape 29492 AquaBlox Water Storage Module Block System for Pondless, Waterfall, Water Features and Garden Drainage, Large, 32-gallons

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AquaBlox are manufactured using recycled materials and designed to efficiently maximize your water storage capacity, providing the ability to hold more water with a smaller reservoir footprint. Holding approximately 7.4 gallons of water per cubic foot, the Small AquaBlox allows over 3 times the water storage capacity than gravel will provide. This extra storage capacity will mean less time needed to top off the reservoir due to evaporation. Using AquaBlox will also decrease the amount of labor, liner, and underlayment required during installation.


  • Modular lightweight design makes installation quick, safer and less expensive
  • Over 3 times more water storage capacity than gravel
  • Holds appx. 7.4 gallons of water per cubic foot
  • Less labor required to excavate and move gravel for basin
  • Easier to clean and less prone to clogging than traditional gravel basins


  • Product Dimensions - 17.5 x 16 x 26.5 inches
  • Item Weight - 16 pounds