For Brands

Enrich experience of Pete Organics in Wholesale Retail
As a Pete Organics wholesale partner, we buy our valued Partners product and then execute marketing, advertising, logistics, and brand protection to build business on our Website and Amazon (Natural Green Products). We act on company’s behalf with efficiency, flexibility, accuracy and speed to increase company sales and create more awareness among customers.

We use your brand identity to create engaging listings that help keep customers on brand listings longer and convert traffic into sales through keyword optimisation, product photography and enhanced content.

We invest money into advertising, optimize a mix of automatic and manual campaigns across different Amazon ad types to drive traffic to brand products listings through custom promotions and paid advertising strategies.

As a retailer, we understand the value of inventory efficiency. Using our expertise, we maximize stock performance and minimize costs through inventory forecasting and reorder accordingly.

Brand and IP Protection
We protect brands by ensuring that products tell your brand’s story represented on the Amazon platform and that your brand’s identity is evident to the customers through pricing protection, customer review audit, content monitoring, unauthorised seller reduction.

All brand needs a dedicated selling partner on Amazon so Pete Organics understands the intricacies of strict Amazon policies and knows how to effectively market brand in online marketplaces.

A trusted selling partner will grow sales, protect your brand’s reputation, and forge a simplified experience with Amazon.

MAP Policy
Our company is committed to sell the Brands on MAP to maintain the brand value and to establish healthy relations with the company. We are very strict on MAP enforcements within our team and that is one of our company’s core policies.